When Jada Pinkett Called Will Smith Out on His “ridiculous display of ego” on Her 40th Birthday

When Jada Pinkett Called Will Smith Out on His “ridiculous display of ego” on Her 40th Birthday

The marriage of Jada and Will Smith has always been a hot topic of discussion. The couple is known for being in the news forever for various reasons. On one hand, Will is known for being an iconic actor, and Jada has covered the news with her chat show Red Table Talk. Another reason why the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air got into the news was the “Slapgate” incident, the one where he slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage at 94th Academy Awards.

News of their relationship being in trouble went worldwide when Jada made her relationship with the singer August Alsina public on Red Table Talk in July 2020. Since then, the couple’s relationship has been making it through the news now and then. Well, another footage from the same show has recently emerged and has become a topic of discussion.

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Jada’s 40th birthday: A “ridiculous display of ego” by Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith is turned 51 years old a few days ago on 18th. The actress spent her birthday with friends and family and shared a clip of her celebration on social media, wherein she looked happy and content. However, 11 years ago, on her birthday, Jada was in for a big bash that took Will nearly 3 years to plan. He had remembered that her 37th birthday was not “up to the mark.” Hence, he hired a team to plan her 40th birthday.

Will had asked the documentary team to reach out to Jada’s family roots. All the efforts he put in, however, didn’t make up for the fact that Jada’s 40th birthday was both their low points, for the actress went through a mid-life crisis. Years later, the couple admitted the same on Red Table Talk. It was also then that Will revealed that Jada had called his plan for her birthday a “ridiculous display of ego,” which the King Richard actor quietly accepted.

Apparently, what Jada wanted on her 40th birthday was some quality time with her husband, and the big bash Smith had thrown for her paled in comparison. While Will quietly accepted his wife’s criticism, the episode divided the internet, as some said he deserved better. Some other fans sided with Jada on this, stating the importance of love languages.


Will felt crushed by Jada’s remarks, but he also understood where he went wrong, as he admits in the Red Table Talk episode.


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