When “I’ll be back” Stunner Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Afraid His Eyebrows Won’t Be Back in ‘Terminator’

When “I’ll be back” Stunner Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Afraid His Eyebrows Won’t Be Back in ‘Terminator’

The Terminator is arguably Arnold Schwarzenegger’s magnum opus. For a man whose history holds several Mr. Olympia, the 1984 film had the arduous task of proving that Arnold Schwarzenegger was as much a movie star as he was a bodybuilder. Not only did it become a hit but also became iconic for the science fiction genre fans. A science fiction movie that does peaks in dangerous stunts was almost unheard of before it. Therefore, Schwarzenegger came prepared with insurance on the sets of James Cameron’s The Terminator.

The actor was ruthless throughout the movie owing to him playing a robotic mercenary. A James Cameron movie is not short of safety hazards. But of all the things Arnold Schwarzenegger could be concerned about, he got a very odd body part insured.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to protect his eyebrows in Terminator

James Cameron movies guarantee an entertaining watch with their larger-than-life stunts. And he took things up a notch when he brought in the Austrian Oak to star in a thriller science fiction. The movie resulted in Schwarzenegger becoming iconic for his line, “I’ll be back” but as confident as his character was while saying this line, he wasn’t as sure about his eyebrows’ return or safety.

One of the stunts in the movie included the actor running on top of a car that was lit on fire. Instead of how his bones would hold up jumping on top of a car, the actor was deeply concerned for the wellbeing of his eyebrows. So much so that according to IMDb, the actor got them insured at Llyods of London.

In the movie, The Terminator loses his eyebrows and for the rest of his movies perseveres without them. However, even before beauty gurus in the 20th century expressed the importance of eyebrows, Schwarzenegger knew that they were an asset and got them insured.

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The actor is yet to reveal how much the insurance for owing to his eyebrows remaining unharmed was. At 75, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his eyebrows are still in peak shape. However, the movie did injure him otherwise.

Did The Terminator give the Austrian Oak any injuries?

While the eyebrows were safe, Arnold Schwarzenegger almost broke a body part that he had unfortunately not gotten insurance for. Among the most iconic shots from the movie, one consists of Schwarzenegger swiftly spinning his gun. While mastering the twist was already hard enough, the former bodybuilder once picked up the wrong prop and almost broke his hand off. Thankfully, there were not any long-term injuries.

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