Did You Know why Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Shot a Single Scene With His ‘Batman & Robin’ Co-stars?

Did You Know why Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Shot a Single Scene With His ‘Batman & Robin’ Co-stars?

Hollywood classic Arnold Schwarzenegger might have aged well but his movies are ageing like fine wine. However, as happens with every other actor in this industry, some of his works got crazy reviews. One such movie among his myriad of works over the years was his role as the villainous Mr. Freeze from the 1997’s Batman & Robin, which fans think was better off being terminated.

In fact, as recent news has resurfaced, Schwarzenegger never actually shot a real scene with his co-stars from this movie. As much as it was on Warner Bros for not giving Joel Schumacher some spare time to produce the movie at its best, the same also fell on Schumacher himself for not really getting along with proper sequels before Christopher Nolan came to the rescue.

Nonetheless, the scenario behind this movie was another of its kind. As Slashfilm suggests, back in the day while most co-stars and actors kept each other at a hand’s distance, actors in the Batman & Robin movie could not get a glimpse of each other in the first place even if they wanted to.

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In a documentary called, Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark knight Chris O’Donnell who played the sidekick Robin, recalled some similar memories from the set. “[I]’m in a lot of scenes with Mr. Freeze, I never worked a single day with Arnold. Not a single day,” he confessed. And it was not just him.

why was the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer rebooted? 

A couple of years ago in an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, George Clooney who starred as the rich abandoned kid, Bruce Wayne, the Batman revealed, “[T]hey paid Arnold $25 million to be in it. They paid me, like, one. And we never even worked together, we never even saw each other.” Although he had some other complaints, the statement still holds true that the major three stars of the movie were not together even for a single scene.

However, they might have had their reasons for not pushing Schwarzenegger into sharing his screen with his co-stars. In fact, out of certain elements of Batman & Robin that laid off the viewers, one was casting Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. However, Nolan’s Batman Trilogy saved the day for us.

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