When Henry Cavill’s Nephew Got in Trouble at School Because of Him

When Henry Cavill’s Nephew Got in Trouble at School Because of Him

The tendency to brag about even your slightly famous acquaintance is commonplace. So imagine what one would do if they not just knew, but were closely related to the Man of Steel himself. That’s exactly what Henry Cavill’s little nephew, Thomas, did at school. Sadly, the truth-telling did not go as planned for Superman’s (Henry Cavill) nephew in this story.

The internet is flooded with a picture of Henry Cavill walking with his nephew accompanied by a story that may not be true. Many online believe The Witcher actor is accompanying his nephew to school to prove that Cavill, in fact, is Superman. The speculation stems from an adorable tale that Cavill narrated years ago. Let’s find out what it was.

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The real Henry Cavill nephew story

Back in 2018, on the LIVE Kelly and Ryan talk show, Henry Cavill candidly spoke about his family. When asked about his nephews and nieces, Cavill recounted an amusing incident that occurred with his young nephew, Thomas. On a particular “talk about your family day” at Thomas’s school, the young boy, unsurprisingly, told the whole class “his uncle is Superman.


As honest as his confession was, it did not stop his teacher from calling out the boy and saying, “Thomas, we don’t lie in school.” Thomas, however, “stood by his guns” saying, “My uncle is Superman. I swear. I promise.” Apparently, Superman, who is known to save kids by risking his own life, got his own nephew in trouble at school. 

The teacher, obviously, “got upset with him,” so much so that his mom, Cavill‘s “sister-in-law, was pulled aside when she was picking him up from school.” While the teacher explained the entire ordeal to the mother, she also commented how they “don’t encourage the children to lie in school.” Hilariously, Cavill’s sister-in-law responded to the teacher by saying, “I hate to tell you this, but it’s all true.

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That, surely, would’ve been a memorable day for the teacher and little Thomas. Now that the story is viral, it has been immortalized by the internet. What did you think of Henry Cavill’s endearing nephew story? Let us know in the comments. You can also catch The Witcher streaming on Netflix.

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