When Henry Cavill Turned Into a Real-Life Sherlock Holmes and Revealed Secrets About Social Media Stalking

When Henry Cavill Turned Into a Real-Life Sherlock Holmes and Revealed Secrets About Social Media Stalking

There probably is no other actor like Henry Cavill in the industry right now. Not only does the British actor amaze at his job, but he also has many other talents that his fans adore. Among his many skills is gaming and building his gaming PC. However, while promoting his 2020 Netflix film Enola Holmes, Henry Cavill revealed his other talent, internet stalking, to the world.

Henry shall reprise his role as the world’s greatest detective Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming sequel of Enola Holmes. As a result, it is befitting to look back at the real-life Sherlock moment of Henry when he passed down his wisdom of Instagram stalking to an interviewer. Let us see what The Witcher actor had to say.

Henry Cavill is a real-life Sherlock when it comes to online stalking

While playing a character as smart as Sherlock Holmes, an actor needs to portray his deductive abilities to the best. But fortunately for Henry, he didn’t need to act at all. While promoting Enola Holmes, Henry taught us how to efficiently deduct someone’s personality from their Instagram, which was nothing short of what Sherlock Holmes does in the novels.

According to Henry, a person’s Instagram page says much about who they are. For example, the 39-year-old says, “if their page is mostly photos of themselves and that is really it,” then that is piece of bad news. However, in contrast, if a user has a private account, then Henry feels it is a really good sign.

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Moreover, in the interview, Henry talks about how he adored working with his co-star Millie Bobby Brown and even praised the Stranger Things actress immensely. We shall soon see Henry and Millie back together in Enola Holmes 2, releasing November 4th, 2022. 

In the first few images of the sequel, we could see Sherlock and Enola working together, so maybe we will see Henry doing more deductive work that we absolutely love him for.

What do you guys expect from the sequel? Also, let us know in the comments if you find Henry’s stalking tips helpful/


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