When Henry Cavill Joked That Superman Knew Batman Was Sleeping With His Mother

When Henry Cavill Joked That Superman Knew Batman Was Sleeping With His Mother

It is still a shock to fans that Henry Cavill will never wear the cape again. The actor exited from the DC fold after news broke out that Warner Bros was scraping off the SnyderVerse. A reboot of the origin story of Superman meant Henry had to go. However, during the times that he was a part of the DC fans, he not only was the best Superman, but also delivered plenty of laughs. 

Particularly, the promotions of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice were never dull. Although the movie was quite divisive when it was released, Henry’s wit was always gold.

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Henry Cavill joked Superman used his super smell to know Batman and his mom were getting intimate

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice saw the two iconic superheroes battle it out in the movie. Batman was concerned that Superman was no more a blessing but a threat to humanity. Additionally, Lux Luthor manipulated him to take down Clark Kent, which ultimately led to a showdown between the two. However, when the cast guested on the Conan show in 2016, Conan O’Brien proposed a different theory for their fight. He stated that it was because Batman had slept with Superman’s mother. 

Conan quizzed Henry Cavill about whether he knew about this development. And the Mission Impossible star was quick to reply that Superman knew because he had a super smell. Nothing can get past his nostrils! “I think so. Super smell,” he told Conan. 

Well, in the movie, Batman actually does not sleep with Superman’s mom, Martha. According to Koimoi, Batman actor Ben Affleck actually co-starred with Martha actress Diane Lane in Hollywoodland. They played each other’s romantic interest and had an intimate moment in the movie. Putting the two and two together, Conan just devised a hilarious theory. Even though they don’t sleep together, Batman and Superman’s mom do share the same first name. 

Though it’s a bummer that Cavill gave up his cape, fans will see him in another exciting action movie. He is reportedly starring in Dua Lipa’s debut film, Argylle. He is also teaming up with Guy Ritchie for The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. 

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