When Henry Cavill Agreed to Appear in ‘Breaking Bad’ and “have some meth”

When Henry Cavill Agreed to Appear in ‘Breaking Bad’ and “have some meth”

Henry Cavill is a living legend. Throughout his career, Cavill influenced a lot of individuals worldwide with his incredible acting skills and muscular physique. He has cemented himself to become one of the greatest actors of our generation. The British actor plays every role in a manner that viewers cannot imagine any other actor taking his place, be it his role as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher or Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes.


While we all love Cavill for his roles, the Man of Steel once admitted that he wanted to be part of another iconic show. Over the years, Cavill has maintained a very prim and proper image despite his growing stardom. However, in this one interview Cavill surely made everyone laugh with a hilarious revelation. 

Henry Cavill admits he wants to feature in the popular series Breaking Bad

Henry Cavill never fails to disappoint, be it with his films or his interviews. Shortly after the release of Man of Steel, Cavill appeared in an interview in Empire Magazine. During the interview, the interviewer asked Cavill if he have any favorite TV shows he would like to appear on after gaining stardom following his Superman stint. Initially, the British actor confessed how it would be fun to pop into a TV series in a guest appearance, admitting that he would sometimes jump into Warner Bros’s shows.

When the interviewer told Cavill how he could see the actor in Breaking Bad, The Witcher star responded, “It would just be a background shot, you know in a journalist outfit.” The interviewer added to Cavill’s words by saying that the actor could be having some meth to which the Mission Impossible: Fallout actor jokingly nodded.

Elsewhere in the interview, the host funnily admitted how men with bellies who went on a date to watch the film cursed Cavill for his jacked appearance in the movie. Furthermore, the Enola Holmes star lauded the Superman fans, referring to them as very cool and down to earth people.

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Henry’s interviews have always been a treat to watch. Previously, Cavill described the peculiar way he celebrates Thanksgiving in the US. However, for all the Breaking Bad fans, be sure to check out another series from the Breaking Bad franchise, Better Call Saul only on Netflix.

Have you watched Breaking Bad? Do you think Cavill would have been a great fit for the series? Do let us know in the comments below.

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