“Willing to take me in”- Henry Cavill Talks About the Peculiar Way How He Only Celebrates Thanksgiving in the US

“Willing to take me in”- Henry Cavill Talks About the Peculiar Way How He Only Celebrates Thanksgiving in the US

Henry Cavill is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry today. He has the looks, the roles, and the physique. However, beneath all success and popularity, Cavill is also like any other person who enjoys festivals and likes to celebrate them. Festivals are one of the most enjoyable and cheerful occasions in one’s life. They are a common phenomenon and bring with them a lot of joy and pleasure. Previously, the actor appeared in an interview and spoke about how he celebrates the auspicious Thanksgiving occasion in the US when he is away from home. And the way Cavill put it is peculiar, to say the least.

Henry Cavill on how he celebrates Thanksgiving during his stay in the US

Henry Cavill is an outstanding entertainer. His movies, shows, and even his interviews are a treat to watch. The Man of Steel never fails to amaze us with his kind and wholesome personality. Two years back, in 2020, Cavill appeared on the popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the Enola Holmes actor talked about several topics. Now, as we all know, Henry Cavill is British, and they do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom. So when Kimmel asked Cavill how he celebrates Thanksgiving while he is in the US, the Geralt of Rivia put it in an odd yet interesting manner. The British actor revealed: “When I am here, I will find someone who is willing to take me in for food.”

While the audience burst into laughter on hearing Cavill describe his Thanksgiving idea in a peculiar manner, Jimmy Kimmel agreed to it, saying he agreed since the whole idea behind the festival was that people come together and celebrate.

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Furthermore, the Mission Impossible: Fallout actor revealed that in the UK, too, he celebrated Thanksgiving with a slight British touch. Cavill said that he was invited by the Christopher McQuarrie, the director of Mission Impossible: Fallout and his family for what they call Friendsgiving. Interestingly, The Witcher star revealed how the McQuarries celebrate Friendsgiving a night before they celebrate Thanksgiving.

Upcoming projects of the actor

It seems like it is a good year for Henry Cavill fans, as the actor has a few projects lined up. Firstly, he is all set to renew his role as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes 2, which will release on November 4 this year. Besides that, as per rumors, Cavill will also star in a cameo scene for the upcoming film Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson, later this month.

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