When Finn Wolfhard Revealed The Strange Story Of A Creepy Stalker From The Time He Was Working On “It”

When Finn Wolfhard Revealed The Strange Story Of A Creepy Stalker From The Time He Was Working On “It”

Finn Wolfhard entered the world of fame with his debut role as Mike Wheeler in Netflix Original series Stranger Things. As the show instantly picked the interest of viewers and these young artists became famous in the blink of an eye. But the life of a celebrity is not so glimmering and entertaining as it seems on the outside. Fame has its drawbacks too!

Sometimes fans go beyond the limits that make the actor feel insecure going out alone. Like a scary incident happened with Finn in the past when he was only 13 years old shooting for his film ‘It’. Things like these really tell us that being popular is not so easy. Being stalked by strangers feels as intimidating as one could imagine. 

Finn Wolfhard recalled the stalking incident when he was a child artist

In one of his interviews, Finn Wolfhard shared his experience that took place in 2017 when he was stalked by an old man. The actor revealed that he was walking alone on the street when a man started chasing him which frightened him deeply. Because the man couldn’t stop following him even Finn tried walking faster. So the stalker came up asking for a selfie which he instantly denied. 

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“Hey, dude, can we get a selfie?” And I was like, “No you can’t have a selfie! How about don’t follow children?”’ told Finn Wolfhard to Mastermind Magazine

Wolfhard added that this wasn’t the first time he felt unsafe as actors are constantly subjected to these things in public. Moreover, this is not the only kind of stalking they face because there are so many people on social media who keep on poking them. Commenting and texting on their looks, choice of lifestyle, and even clothes.

Stalking and trolling are creating a suffocating environment for actors

For instance, Millie Bobby Brown was incessantly trolled for wearing the dresses of her likeness. When people said she should put on things according to her age. Whereas she always looks adorable in whatever attire she wears whether it’s a show premiere or a success party. Unfortunately, it’s sad to know that this young star had to wait for many years to break his silence on issues like these. And that they are also normal human beings whose privacy should be respected by others.

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However, this is not the thing that fans can’t get anywhere near their favorite stars. It is just that maintaining a healthy space for everyone is important in life. Therefore, this is our message to fans like us that celebrities bring smiles to our faces through their talent. And we only get entertained by movies and show when they do all the hard work for us. 

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