Fans Imagine a Darth Vader Appearance in This Star Wars-Esque Scene From Stranger Things Season 4

Fans Imagine a Darth Vader Appearance in This Star Wars-Esque Scene From Stranger Things Season 4

One way or the other, action movies or scenes seem similar if we look a little closer. If you have watched Star Wars, you might have found the similarities between Star Wars and Stranger Things. Well, these fans have a different theory here. They imagine a strange presence in season 4. Let us find out more about their theories.

Darth Vader in Stranger Things season 4?

Darth Vader is a villain cum anti-hero of the Star Wars movie series. Vader is a German/Dutch word that means father. The word represents the ‘Dark Father’. The darkness of a human who is a father is the root representation in the movie. And the love of his son redeemed Darth.

The scene in the bunker where Eleven finds out the truth about the opening of the door to the Upside Down has similarities with this, another sci-fi story. She is angry and leaves to save her friends. The force attacks the lab and Papa tries to save Eleven. Somehow, he manages to escape the scene and is out there in the desert. This entire scene is thrilling and makes us restless.

Now, on Reddit, a user posted a clip of the scene and asked if anyone else expected Darth at the scene. And fans are discussing creatively the possibilities of Darth’s presence in the scene.

Anybody Else Expected Darth Vader In This Scene From Stranger Things? (Stranger Things S04E08 spoiler) from netflix

One of them even brought out another similarity between Star Wars and Stranger Things. Both are science fiction and have the theme of darkness in common. The setting, lighting, and the need for a strong character made this imagination stronger. However, the cast of Stranger Things are also fans of this amazing sci-fi thrill Star Wars.

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The fans of Star Wars and Stranger Things expected the astonishing entry of Darth coming through and adding to the thrill of the scene. However, this is just a fan reaction and imagination, actually in the show, it doesn’t happen but this parallel is beautifully connected and made us go watch Star Wars again.

Well, while watching the series, did you ever feel like remembering some other characters adding to the excitement of the show? Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch the Duffer Brothers create something with the Star Wars anti-hero, Darth Vader? What do you think about this symbolic character’s presence in the show? Have you completed watching Stranger Things yet? Watch here now and share your views and theories with us in the comment box.

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    Chris W
    July 7, 2022 at 11:32 am

    I just finished the Massacre at the lab episode and holy smokes , I noticed a LOT of the scene with 001 were close to Vader from Rogue One at the end . Throwing people all over , tossing someone against the ceiling and letting them fall (like using the force) etc. Also when 001 and 011 stand off against each other , arms outstretched , that reminded me of Anakin and Obi Wan in their battle on Mustafar … and there were many other similarities.

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