When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Had the Best Reaction to Their Daughter’s Cameo at a Taylor Swift Concert

When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Had the Best Reaction to Their Daughter’s Cameo at a Taylor Swift Concert

There are a lot of good things that came with Ryan Reynolds meeting Blake Lively on the sets of Green Lantern. Their relationship has been no short of a blockbuster, with the couple looking like a fairytale dream at every red-carpet event they attended. And also simultaneously giving us the best enemies-to-lovers trope content with their social media trolling. And the icing on the cake is definitely their friendship with Taylor Swift. Be it the most wholesome Instagram posts or their toddler opening one of her most popular tracks.

Swift’s ‘Reputation’ album became a sensation and one of the most popular tracks featured her best friend’s daughter’s voice. When the couple attended her concert, they gave everyone a masterclass in fangirling.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the biggest James Reynolds fans

It is not surprising for the Reynolds family to show up at a Taylor Swift concert. However, during her ‘Reputation’ tour, they had a mission at hand. And that was to be the biggest supporter of their daughter, James Reynolds. A fan, by the name of Sofia Jain, took a video of the couple at a Taylor Swift concert just in time for ‘Gorgeous’.

Lively and Reynolds were filming themselves, dancing and cheering as the song came on. Lively and Reynolds may have brought the tickets for the Taylor Swift concert. However, there was no doubt in the way they screamed that the true star of the night, for them, was James Reynolds.

The Grammy-winning artist has often at her private album listening parties shared the anecdote of how she came to use James Reynolds’ voice in the Gorgeous intro.

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It includes Swift playing the song on her guitar at a beach with Reynolds, Lively and their kids, as James repeatedly said “Gorgeous”, which was too precious to not add to what would become a Billboard best-selling album.

James, Betty, Inez: Taylor Swift’s three musketeers

While many know that James Reynolds lends her voice to a track of the ‘Reputation’ album, the Reynolds kids’ contribution to the ‘Folklore’ album is still news to many. The Grammy-winning singer named the characters of her ‘Folklore’ album after Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s kids.

Swift’s fans are used to this tactic by now. However, when she mentioned an unheard name in her latest album, ‘Midnights’, fans immediately connected the dots to Blake Lively’s baby. While this is yet to be confirmed, what’s for sure is Swift is definitely the Reynolds kids’ favorite aunt.

Did you know that Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ characters were named after Blake Lively’s kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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