When Billie Eilish Addressed Internet Trolls and How She Is Trying “hard to do good”

When Billie Eilish Addressed Internet Trolls and How She Is Trying “hard to do good”

Singers and songwriters like Billie Eilish, who have achieved massive success for their work, are always prone to internet trolls and haters. There have been many instances where the Ocean Eyes singer has expressed her struggles about dealing with a regular toxic online environment. Here is another specific piece where the Grammy titleholder weighed on the same matter, but this time, she had a genuine question. 

During her interview with BBC staff, Eilish made some striking remarks on the negativity spread by internet trolls that made headlines for a while. Here is what she said in her conversation with the journalist. 

Billie Eilish opens up about the internet trolls and negativity spread surrounding her

Upon being asked about her ways to deal with social media negativity, the star got candid saying people say a lot of “crazy things” and they believe the celebrities will not come across it. She believes that most things that people claim online “would never say that to you in real life.” Having tried enough to get over the fiasco, Billie lastly exclaimed, “what is the point of trying?” 


The star who made it to her first Oscars has now become resistant to the matter. This became evident as she stated that people are just going to point out the fault in you. She admits having tried hard enough to do good with the dark side of the internet. The entire mess that has clouded around the celebrities has become just as baffling to the singer as she is not able to figure out how it works. 

In her previous interviews, Billie has openly admitted not intending to hurt anybody in her songs. However, starting from internet trolls to the LGBTQ community, everyone has a bone to pick with the Bad Guy singer.

At present, the artist concluded her world tour on her latest album, Happier Than Ever, during which a fan almost lost something precious. Meanwhile, Eilish could work on music alongside English musician Damon Albarn, according to the Gorillaz and Blur frontman.

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What is your stance on the matter? How did you like Billie’s way of handling biased hatred? Share your thoughts below.

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