What Is Queerbating? Why Is Billie Eilish Accused of Doing It By The LGBTQA+ Community?

What Is Queerbating? Why Is Billie Eilish Accused of Doing It By The LGBTQA+ Community?

The American pop-star Billie Eilish has been a headliner in the music industry for quite a while now. She recently wrapped up her Happier Than Ever world tour, kicking the last Australian leg off her list. While she attends her other public shows and events, a striking news story has been brewing up under her name. Although her fans do not get tired of grooving to her music, the LGBTQ community has got some scores to settle with the Lost Cause singer. 

Since last year, following the release of her album Lost Cause, Eilish found herself in the quagmire of a Queerbaiting controversy. While it has happened with artists for ages, the community held the star guilty of the same fake technique to gather a crowd. Here are the complete details of the controversy that followed. 

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What is Queerbaiting?

The term has become a buzzword, not only in film and television critic circles, but also in social justice communities in general. It technically means a method of fraudulently depicting character traits in straight movie characters or personalities that are generally associated with Queer people. This is a form of telemarketing just to gather a Queer audience for a released piece. The reason being topics as such have a way of getting onto their wings, automatically broadening the spectrum of the entity’s fandom. 

Over the years, they have accused various stars, actresses, singers, songwriters, and artists of Queerbaiting. However, this crucial debate eventually ends up dragging down people who are nowhere connected with it. Similar is what happened with Billie Eilish. 

What is the controversy involving Billie Eilish Lost Cause? 

Last year in the month of June, Eilish released the official music video for her song named Lost Cause. While the video quickly drew millions of views, it went through a series of controversial remarks from the LGBTQ community. They alleged the video for Queerbaiting owing to the subdued pretexts of some sensual and sapphic scenes. 

In the video, the girls were dancing, singing, cooking in the kitchen, and playing video games among themselves. All of it while only grooving to the uplifting vibes of the singer. However, what appeared to fans as a girls’ sleepover was somehow mistaken for hinting at Queerness and bisexuality. Adding to it was her Instagram caption, saying “I love girls” which became a hot topic in the town. According to some LGBTQA+ Twitter users, the star “was Queerbaiting to market her audience to get more streams.” 

However, the star remained quiet and chose to ignore the entire fiasco around her song. However, years ago she once spoke of a similar matter while completely defying hinting any sort of supposed Queerness. In an interview, she addressed the issue stating, “I want to be so clear that it’s so not supposed to be an insult.” She further added on to say that she feels “like it’s been a little bit misinterpreted.” 

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While queer fans on social media platforms accused her of the above-mentioned, her devoted fans did their best to defend the star on Twitter. The controversy has now been subdued, as the community has raised no further issues regarding the matter. 

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