What Will the Live Action Sequel of ‘Touken Ranbu’ Anime Have in Store for Fans?

What Will the Live Action Sequel of ‘Touken Ranbu’ Anime Have in Store for Fans?

For fans of the Touken Ranbu anime, it is not just any series but an emotion. What started as a game in 2015, soon received a production contract from all spheres of the entertainment industry which resulted in the iconic Wild Dance of Swords game being remade into a television anime series and now a live-action movie.

Fans had long been waiting for the Touken Ranbu anime to be brought to life with real actors and jampacked action sequences. And the dream is not far from coming true as the official website of the anime just dropped the trailer of the live-action film. The trailer has managed to garner intrigue not just from the already devoted fanbase but has also brought in newcomers.

What is the plot of the Touken Ranbu anime live-action film?

Anime fans have big expectations from the live-action adaptation of the iconic sword game because previous productions were brilliant. And as the Touken Ranbu The Movie – Reimei (Dawn) official website dropped the trailer, to say that they were ecstatic would be an understatement. The ninety seconds trailer hooks you on from the very beginning as Destiny by Blue Accounts sets up the mood for the impending danger. Touken Ranbu anime’s live-action sequel takes you through three different time periods.

It started from 2205 AD, and through 995 AD, moved to Tokyo in 2012, just as beautiful and just as dangerous. Furthermore, the trailer incorporated the goose bumps-inducing fight between the sword boys and History Retrograding Force. Apart from having exhilarating action pieces, the movie will also present emotionally wrenching stories as the Sword Boys continue to fight against destiny for the greater good.

Who are the cast members of the live-action anime mania?

The ninety seconds trailer bombards you with all things good you would expect from a live-action film about Touken Ranbu anime. And one of the most praiseworthy aspects of the trailer is the strong dialogue delivery and performance of the cast involved.

The cast on board consists of talented Japanese actors such as Umetsu Mizuki, Sato Takamichi, Suzuki Hiroki, Armaki Yoshihiko, Wada Masanari, and Sadamoto Fuma, among others. Touken Ranbu 2 is all set to release in theaters on the 31st of March.

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