Tom Holland & Ryan Gosling as ‘Chainsaw Man’ Anime Characters Make Fans Freak Out

Tom Holland & Ryan Gosling as ‘Chainsaw Man’ Anime Characters Make Fans Freak Out

The Tatsuki Fujimoto manga Chainsaw Man became a ginormous success selling over 23 million copies and making a spot in one of the best-selling manga. Chainsaw Man has won the Harvey and Shogakukan Manga Awards through its ubiquitous sarcasm, whipsmart storytelling, and enigmatic characters.

When a manga does so well, it is not far-fetched to imagine that a series or movie adaptation is probably around the corner. One fan, in particular, went ahead of the announcement to paint a picture for fans, and they went all out. And they chose no less than Marvel’s latest treasure, Tom Holland, to play the role of Chainsaw Man.

Star-studded Chainsaw Man fan Poster brings the best of Hollywood to the world of anime

If you thought that Tom Holland was adding the star to the star-studded cast, then you are in for a surprise. Theartnation created a magnificent fan poster presenting a westernized version of the iconic Japanese manga. To start off, they chose Tom Holland to take on the role of Denji. With Denji readily selling his body to the devil, all for good reasons, we would not put it past Tom Holland to take on the role considering all his characters break the good morale meter.

The fan poster brings in Zendaya as Power. And looking at the red horns on the Euphoria actress’ head seems like she is the personification of Power herself. An intricate yet not very hidden detail in the fan poster is the “Don’t die” on Tom Holland’s t-shirt written in all blood. And, of course, the blond hair on his head. Furthermore, the fan-created poster features Margot Robbie as Makima, Ryan Gosling as Aki, Kristen Stewart as Himeno, and Mads Mikkelsen as Kishibe.

Would Tom Holland fit the role of Chainsaw Man?

While the fan poster is a brilliant art piece in itself, the casting of Tom Holland as Chainsaw Man? Not so much. Holland is a wonderful actor, one of the most bankable in this era.

But if fans were to accept a westernized Chainsaw Man at gunpoint, given how the scars from the live-action 2017 Netflix Death Note are still healing, it is unlikely that they would not see Tom Holland as Denji. And they said as much in the comments of the stunning fan poster.

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