What Was the Netflix’s By-law That Princess Anne Actress, Claudia Harrison Broke Prior to ‘The Crown’s Release?

What Was the Netflix’s By-law That Princess Anne Actress, Claudia Harrison Broke Prior to ‘The Crown’s Release?

Upon its recent release in the American streaming giant, The Crown has become a trouble magnet from all aspects. Unprecedented issues have run their course and matters of little importance have turned into a whirlwind of controversies. Amidst King Charles’s criticism and Lady Diana’s renaissance, there has been yet another issue from the Cast’s end that has turned problematic for the show. 

As reported by various trusted sources, Claudia Harrison who plays the stoic, overshadowed sister in The Crown has done a major blunder. She had joined the cast in terms of signing the NDA promising that she would not reveal any details until allowed. However, in her recent interview with Good Morning Britain, the star admitted how she has broken Netflix’s one of most significant rules. 

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Claudia Harrison broke the Non-Disclosure Agreement of The Crown

It is to note that all cast members and crew of a particular show are to uphold the integrity of their series by strictly avoiding media outlets of information leakage. Having signed a Non Disclosure Agreement, the stars of a franchise are strictly forbidden to reveal any type of details related to a series that has not been released yet.

However, the prominent member of The Crown, Harrison, playing Princess Anne has reportedly broken this rule, although she has admitted and apologized for the same. She believes it was not a “national security thing”. Hence, in excitement, she had already told her friends about her role in the drama of the English landed gentry.

I’d love to be really cool, it’s Princess Anne in The Crown,” she confessed. After the words reached the common men, it led to almost everyone’s ears like Wildfire. Adding to it, the star previously had also referred to the infamous tampon gate scandal. Speaking to the Independent she said, “it was portrayed as a thing that it wasn’t“. 

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The star portraying Princess Anne appears with Queen Elizabeth II’s former equerry, Timothy Laurence. The latter is played by Theo Fraster Steele with whom Claudia as the princess ties the knot in 1992. 

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