Exposing the “Fiction Dramatization” in ‘The Crown’ Season 5

Exposing the “Fiction Dramatization” in ‘The Crown’ Season 5

The Crown on Netflix has always been a hot topic of discussion, presumably over tea, in Britain’s political sphere. This, of course, is a given considering that the show is based on the monarchs of the United Kingdom. And in light of the recent events, the public has turned their attention toward the Windsors more than ever before. The Netflix series was just in time with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry exiting the royal family, bringing it unprecedented popularity. And now it has returned with more in The Crown season 5.

Akin to how any cinematic piece based on or inspired by true events, The Crown too is a dramatization of the events that took place. And while this is an obvious and understandable fact considering how it is a ‘fictional drama’, Royal experts have always felt the need to point it out. This is both good and bad. The production of The Crown being so magnificent and the characterization being so apt that the audience gets taken away. In light of the release of The Crown Season 5, here is what was fiction and what was not.

The real incidents from The Crown season 5

1. Charles wanting to be Camilla’s Tampon

As surreal as it sounds, this did happen. Among the many shocking revelations that were made about the royal family, one of them was the Tampongate scandal in January 1993. The transcript of a phone call of the then Prince Charles with his mistress was published in the newspaper.

The six-minute phone call shook not just the royal family but anyone who read it because something as scandalous as this had not even happened to a celebrity. Fans found this scene absolutely bizarre while watching the Netflix series, and to think that it actually took place.

2. The Queen sheds a tear for her Royal Yacht

In 1997, the Conservative Government refused to repair Royal Yacht Britannia after its decommission from a 43-year-long service. The yacht was adorned by the late Queen. However, 1997 was a period of economic decline for Britain and the government deemed it unnecessary.

The Queen’s persistence here shows how she failed to connect with the public then. And when the yacht was decommissioned, the Queen for the first time, shed a tear in public.

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3. How BBC scammed Princess Diana

Whether you have watched The Crown or not, Princess Diana’s interview with BBC remains one of the most iconic television clips. For many, it marks the moment when Princess Diana finally took a stand and was all-powerful. However, the truth that has come out in recent years shows how this was just another case of people using Princess Diana.

As shown in The Crown Season 5, Diana chooses Martin Bashir at BBC to reveal her side of things despite getting many other offers. This happened after the BBC journalist showed her fake bank statements that made her think that people close to her were spying on her. This was revealed in 2020 after the BBC inquiry, and Bashir’s actions were strongly condemned by Prince William.

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