What Powers Does Ciri Has in The Witcher?

What Powers Does Ciri Has in The Witcher?

In the world of The Witcher, power is something everyone needs to survive. Geralt has his witcher abilities, Yennefer has her chaos, kingdoms have armies, and Jaskier has his running mouth and lute. But if there is one character who is the most powerful of them all, it is the young Princess Cirilla. Netflix has smartly hinted at her powers and yet kept them as an unopened secret; that makes us question what powers does Ciri have in The Witcher?

We already know that Ciri can even destroy the entire Continent, but she also has the potential to save it as well. While the show has not yet properly explored Ciri’s powers, the books and the games have done it pretty brilliantly. In the next season, we might get to see Ciri using her powers more often and more accurately, but before that, let us have a look at what they actually are.

Ciri and her powers in The Witcher so far

Until the second season of the show, we have seen Ciri use her powers on very few occasions. While characters like Geralt and Yennefer use their powers openly and accurately, Cirilla is a cipher. We remember Ciri shaking the entire room when she was first asked to leave Cintra. Later she even topples down a monolith with a scream; which in the second season leads to monsters appearing from other worlds.

Something mysteriously drew Ciri to the mystical and protected Brokilon Forest, which even today remains unexplained. While season two of the show explained everything going on with Ciri because of her having Elder Blood, there is something more we need to know about her. Ciri in the books, precisely in Blood of Elves, is revealed to be a Source; even in the games, Ciri is said to be a Source, but what does it mean?

What does being a Source mean in The Witcher?

In Blood of Elves, Ciri firsts learns about her being a Source while training with Triss Merigold. Triss explains it as something that is beyond her control, and at this point in the book, Yennefer is introduced to the Lion Cub of Cintra. As Yen is someone who herself controls a lot of chaotic magic, and that too powerful one; she is believed to be strong enough to help Ciri control her powers.

A Source is a very rare person who has a natural connection with magic. While this sure brings a lot of power to a person, there also are drawbacks to being a Source. These abilities and connections are matured to such a high degree that it often gets out of control unless the person receives proper training. In case a Source doesn’t receive training, it is almost certain that they will descend into insanity.

We have seen mages use only a few kinds of magic in the show, namely chaos and fire. With a Source, the magic is boundless, as they can perform every kind of magic that exists; it is mostly triggered during any tense situation which we saw happen with Ciri. While we learned about Ciri and her abilities in season 2 of The Witcher, there remain many questions that will need some solid answers.

Well, we are surely lucky as Netflix has confirmed that there will be The Witcher Season 3. We also have a prequel lined up for The Witcher, which will tell us the history of the continent, and tell us how everything started in The Witcher universe.

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