What Is the Squid Game Doll Alarm Clock? Where to Buy?

What Is the Squid Game Doll Alarm Clock? Where to Buy?

Squid Game is everywhere. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the show. From the viral Squid Game games to the new craze for Halloween costumes- the series can be seen on all forms of media. And now, there is a Squid Game Alarm Clock!

About Squid Game

Squid Game is a Korean thriller series that focuses on 456 debt-ridden people. These people have a chance to make 45.6 billion won or 38.5 USD by making it through six stages of Korean children’s games. The catch is that if they lose a game; they die.

The Netflix original series has gained significant popularity since its release in September. It is the most popular Netflix show in over 90 countries. The series is all over social media like Tik Tok and Instagram. Netflix recently announced that it was its biggest launch ever with 111 million views!

About The Doll

The first game- Red Light Green Light, is based on a Korean children’s game of the same name.

The rules are simple. A “referee” announces whether the light is red or green. Players are supposed to run towards the end of the line when the light is “green” and stand stock still when it is “red”. A player that moves when the light is “red” is shot dead by a rather creepy-looking pastel-colored doll.

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Where to buy the Squid Game alarm clock?

While the idea for the concept was posted by a 3D artist on Instagram, the clock, unfortunately, is not for sale. But considering the popularity the idea is gaining, there is bound to be one soon enough.

Other Squid Game related things to do

While the clock, unfortunately, isn’t available for sale yet, fans of the Netflix series have many other options to keep Squid Game relevant. While there are many Squid Game games on the internet, one that stands out most is the Squid Game dalgona challenge.

Based on a game played in the series, the dalgona challenge is being attempted by all of social media. Check out this video of the cast of the Netflix original trying their hand at the challenge.

Would you want to own a Squid Game doll alarm clock?

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