Spookiest Horror Scenes From the Terrific Horror Director Mike Flanagan

Spookiest Horror Scenes From the Terrific Horror Director Mike Flanagan

Fans of the horror genre are familiar with Mike Flanagan as one of the best directors in the business. There are many directors who can direct either a horror series or a film, but few can do both.

Mike Flanagan has been exceptional in his work, so much so, that when Netflix Geeked asked for the most haunting scene, fans couldn’t pick one. With the inputs from Twitter, we look at the list of three of the best scenes from Mike’s work in no one particular order.

Steven sees a ghost

Horror as a genre demands patience from you, but Mike Flanagan doesn’t play by rules. In the first episode of The Haunting of Hill House, the series delivers one of the most terrifying scenes.

When Steven returns to his home after a brief meeting with Luke, he switches the lights on and finds Nell standing in the center of the room. Steven gets a call from Hugh, who informs Steven about Nell killing herself, but Steven can’t hear him. Just as things get clear to Steven, he turns around to look at Nell, who is now inches away from Steven and starts screaming as she turns into a corpse.

The car jump scare

This scene has one of the most iconic jump scares, and in terms of popularity, this might be second to the ‘Here’s Johny!’ scene from The Shining. The conflict between Theo and Shirley escalates to such a point in the eighth episode of The Haunting of Hill House that the jump scare caught people off-guard.

When Ellie suddenly pops in the middle of Theo and Shirley, screaming and scaring them out of their minds. The audience’s reaction to the scene is the same as the characters.

Rose’s astral projection in Abra’s bedroom

Doctor Sleep did not enjoy as much success as Flanagan’s other projects, like The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Haunting of Hill House. These offerings had many spine-tingling scenes. One such scene is when Rose tries to go through Abra’s memory, but gets herself trapped and Abra is the one calling shots.

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Abra’s portrayal with her eyes covered with skin as if stitched and Rose’s hand getting torn as she struggles to free herself is one for the gore enthusiasts. The scene is cinematically pleasing too, as Rose floats over Earth while locating Abra.

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