What Is the Ozark Superstar Jason Bateman’s Networth?

What Is the Ozark Superstar Jason Bateman’s Networth?

Jason Bateman is one of the most applauded actors in the industry. Given that he has been entertaining us through the screen ever since he was a child, the actor has only perfected his skills and magnified his talents. The actor was born into a family of artists. Bateman’s father was an actor, writer, and director himself. This explains the finesse that Jason Bateman brings to his craft be it acting, directing, or producing.

Furthermore, for his brilliant performances, the actor has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards. And his smooth directorial skills have brought him the Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama series. Prestigious awards, blockbuster movies, and hit tv shows are enough to guess that Jason Bateman makes big money.

How much does Jason Bateman earn?

According to Yahoo! Finance, Jason Bateman’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. The actor has been working hard ever since he was a child star.

What started as a cereal commercial ended up becoming a starry career spanning over four decades. Additionally, Jason Bateman made his first big hit with the comedy sitcom Arrested Development. CelebAnswers reports that the 53-year-old actor earned around 100,000 dollars for a single episode of Arrested Development.

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If you think that is huge, then there is more to come. After his comedic performance in Arrested Development, the Emmy Award-winning actor went on to make several commercially successful movies such as Horrible Bosses and Office Christmas Party, and Zootopia.

Then came Bateman’s path-breaking Netflix series Ozark in which he played a financial advisor. Jason Bateman took some financial advice himself before working as a financial advisor because for each episode of Ozark he charged $300,000.

Where does Jaesom Bateman spend his earnings?

The actor has been a star since a very young age. While he is humble at heart, there are a couple of insanely expensive items that he owns. For instance, his shiny car collection. The actor is reported to have added a Tesla Model S worth USD 100,000 to his already impressive collection of Bugatti Chiron and Ferrari Portofino.

Jason Bateman has two beautiful daughters with Amanda Anka. Furthermore, the actor and his wife also own a $3 million house in California. Looks like it was the perfect fit for Jason Bateman and his family because they also purchased another property worth $2 million right next to it.

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