Why Jason Bateman Never Wanted the ‘Magic elevator’ Back in The Jimmy Kimmel Show?

Why Jason Bateman Never Wanted the ‘Magic elevator’ Back in The Jimmy Kimmel Show?

Industry’s eminent director and actor Jason Bateman made his place among the most sought-after stars in 2022. He achieved multiple accolades including his Emmy for best director. All of it owing to his crime-drenched thriller series Ozark which smashed the charts of the year. After his enormous success, the star was invited to the popular American talk show, Jimmy Kimmel where he roasted the host good.

At Kimmel’s the first thing that Bateman talked about was how relieved he was to not see the magic elevator anymore. Both celebrities had a good laugh, but Jason had a perfect choice of words for Kimmel’s prop. Here is what he said. 

Jason Bateman sighs good relief at Jimmy Kimmel getting rid of the fake elevator

Jason was waiting for that one chance to tell Kimmel about the elevator. This was evident when the very first word he said at the beginning of the show was, “I do not miss the magic elevator that you (Kimmel) made us all come out of”. Hilariously agreeing to the same, the host said that they had gotten rid of the “weird fake elevator”.

Further, in the show, Kimmel revealed it was never his idea and he did not have any idea about it. However, Jason does not stop there. He had much more to rant about the “weird box”. The Ozark Kingpin further joked about how insane it was to see a bunch of celebrities coming in and out of it.

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The host came up with a good reply stating that if Jason were a true friend he would have told him about it long before. He then sarcastically thanked him for appearing in their “live presentation of the facts of life” with the entire cast of Arrested Development of the previous month.

Jason got a huge round of applause for the same saying “it was a pleasure, that was so fun.” They continued to have such interesting and notoriously funny conversations for the next fifteen minutes giving the audience a good laugh as usual. Jason’s remarkable art of delivering the calmest of dialogues, all by maintaining an undercurrent tinge of naughtiness hidden was a delight to watch.

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