What Is the ‘Fat’ to Chiseled ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ Secret of Henry Cavill?

What Is the ‘Fat’ to Chiseled ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ Secret of Henry Cavill?

Currently, the White Wolf in The Witcher became the most beloved character of Henry Cavill since the first episode aired on Netflix. However, his rise to stardom was his superhero role in the 2013 Man of Steel. This iconic character brought the actor several offers for television shows and big movie roles. And today, we see him among the fan-favorite celebrities of Hollywood. A little credit for his fame can go to his looks and physique, as we all know he is exceptionally attractive.

The 39-year-old star has always been more than a handsome man with a perfect body. He has been through difficult times, which certainly cannot be revealed by his blue ocean eyes and smiling face. What is the ‘fat’ to chiseled ‘world’s sexiest man’ secret of Cavill? Do you know the British actor was not this handsome once upon a time?

Henry Cavill transformed from a fat boy to the most handsome Superman 

In a cover interview with Details in 2013, Henry Cavill opened up about his childhood, hobbies, and how he landed the iconic role of Superman. Enola Holmes 2 star revealed that he was a fat boy and was targeted by students in boarding school.

“I bawled on the phone to my mom four times a day,” explained the actor. He was not much of a confident boy, but his weakness unknowingly discovered his inner artist. Cavill, being a loner, used to spend his time taking part in dramas.

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Cavill found strength through acting and got his first role in the 2002’s The Count of Monte Cristo at age 17. “I lost one and a half stone” — 21 pounds — “and I wasn’t Fat Cavill anymore,” revealed The Tudors star. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to making a square-cut jaw and well-defined pecs for Superman’s role: he used to consume 5,000 calories a day and worked out daily with Mark Twight.

However, despite his insecurities about his weight, the actor made his way through Hollywood. All his hardships paid off when he was elected as the World’s Sexiest Man by Glamour the same year his Man of Steel came out. Currently, his Geralt of Rivia has charmed people and there is a line of roles awaiting him.

Fans are already demanding him back in The Witcher as he has resigned from his role. While there are speculations about him becoming the next James Bond and then there is the revival of Superman.

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