What Is ‘Netflix Golden’? Whom Does It Celebrate?

What Is ‘Netflix Golden’? Whom Does It Celebrate?

Get ready as we now have yet another brand joining the already vast variety existing for the streaming giant. Netflix Golden is the new Netflix brand that will cater to a specific set of audiences, i.e., the Asian Pacific Islanders. This is not the first dedicated brand from the streamer; we already have community-specific brands (Strong Black LeadCon TodoMost) and genre-specific brands (Netflix FilmGeekedNetflix Is a Joke).

Here we will see what this new brand is all about. What content can we expect from it? Who are the people that this new brand will celebrate? Everything you need to know about Netflix Golden is right here!

What is Netflix Golden?

Netflix has recently launched its new Asian Pacific Islander-focused brand, which will cater to the Asian diaspora. Golden has been launched on three different platforms which include TwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

There’s been this awesome flywheel [effect] within entertainment and culture where it’s not just API screenwriters or authors getting something produced [but also] directors of the community hiring actors of the community,” Netflix VP editorial and publishing Michelle Lee told The Hollywood Reporter. “We have so many more wonderful, nuanced stories to tell. We know the audience is there, and truly the purpose of Golden is to be that platform to celebrate and champion our community.

What content we will see on Golden?

Netflix Golden will, of course, push the content that has some sort of connection with the API audiences. Additionally, it will also feature original social franchises which will primarily focus on the people of API descent. This includes everyone who is working with Netflix who belongs to the Asian Pacific diaspora from around the world.

As the first content on it, we will have the interview series, Spill The Boba Tea coming to Golden. The series was first launched Still Watching Netflix’s YouTube, channel last summer. Hosted by Wong Fu and Bopomofo Café co-founder Philip Wang, the show will return on January 27, 2022. This time the show will be taken to the newly launched Netflix Golden YouTube and will Feature Emily in Paris star, Ashley Park.

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