Emily’s Stay In Paris Extended With A Renewal For Two More Seasons – Season 3 And 4 On The Way

Emily’s Stay In Paris Extended With A Renewal For Two More Seasons – Season 3 And 4 On The Way

After a cliff-hanging Season 2, the fans are in for a piece of good news. The show is now getting two more seasons! Are you ready for Emily in Paris Season 3 and Season 4?

On January 10th, 2022, Netflix took to their Twitter account to announce the same. It reads, “Emily in Paris has been renewed for Season 3 — and Season 4!” But there is still no news about the filming of Season 3. There may be a possibility that Netflix might film seasons three and four back to back. We will obviously keep you posted when the production and filming officially begin. The filming of the new season will take place at the Studios of Paris, just outside of the capital in this Spring or summer. The creators of the show are also considering London as a filming location, which indicates we are going to see a lot of Emily’s boyfriend role, Alfie, in the next season.

So, let us find out when Season 3 and Season 4 are coming on Netflix.

All you need to know about Emily in Paris Season 3 and Season 4

In conversation with Glamour, the creator of the show Darren Star explains, “I have an idea what Emily’s decision is. The thing about this decision is there’s no right decision here. There’s no one decision that’s going to make everybody happy or that’s even going to make Emily happy. She has some tough choices, and she’s put in the middle of a lot of sticky situations at the end of the season.”

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We can hope if the filming and production of Season 3 will be done this year, Netflix will stream it at the beginning of 2023.

The ending of Season 2 has left the audience with a bunch of questions out of curiosity. Emily calls Sylvie to inform her final decision, “Hi Sylvie, it’s me. I’ve made my decision,” after she finds out that she is still in love with Gabriel. She built up enough courage to confess her love to Gabriel. However, she found out Camille moved in with Gabriel.

Lily Collins, the star of the show, is glad that the show is renewed for another two seasons. In conversation with People Collins, she claims, “I would love the opportunity to get to do a season 3. I myself don’t know her choice yet. I keep asking. But whatever choice it is, you know it will be filled with drama, fashion, and a lot of fun and romance. I am down for whatever decision comes my way if we get to do it.”

Now, this cliff-hanging ending left us with a lot of questions like, Will she join Sylvie’s new firm and stay back in Paris despite her heartbreak? and Will Emily ever find her true love?


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