What Is Ciri in the Witcher? Everything About Cirilla EXPLAINED

What Is Ciri in the Witcher? Everything About Cirilla EXPLAINED

Cirilla, the adorable yet badass girl fans lovingly call Ciri, is the character whose decisions will define the fate of the entire continent. Unlike Renfri, about whom similar things were said, fans have seen the extent of Ciri’s powers. The Lion Cub of Cintra is certainly not a girl of weak will, but her powers are such that even she cannot control them. So, what exactly is Ciri in the Witcher? What are her powers and where does she get them from? And most importantly, how will she change the fate of the Continent?

What is Ciri in the Witcher?

The one question that answers all the above is- what exactly is Ciri?

Through the course of The Witcher, we have seen the magic of many kinds. The prime examples being mages like Yennefer, Triss, and Tissaia. They control Chaos and use it to fulfill their ends. But, the kind of magic Ciri possesses is much stronger than any of them, let alone Witchers like Geralt and Lambert.

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While being trained by Triss Merigold, Ciri learns that she is a Source. This means that she has the ability to perform all kinds of magic, not just the control of Chaos. The capacity to do so comes from a Source’s natural connection to magic. Left untamed, Sources often descend into insanity. We doubt Ciri will meet the same end, considering how powerful mages like Yennefer are there to help her control and use her powers and abilities.

Ithlinne’s Prophecy

Fans of the series will also remember the curse Istredd learned of regarding Calanthe’s bloodline. As Vesemir discovers later, Ciri has Elder Blood, passed down to her by her grandmother Calanthe. Many times we have come across the first lines of the prophecy of Ithlinne in the Netflix Original:

Verily I say unto you, the era of the sword and axe is nigh, the era of the wolf’s blizzard. The Time of the White Chill and the White Light is nigh, the Time of Madness and the Time of Contempt: Tedd Deireádh, the Time of End. The world will die amidst frost and be reborn with the new sun. It will be reborn of Elder Blood, of Hen Ichaer, of the seed that has been sown. A seed which will not sprout but burst into flame.

What makes Ciri so special out of all characters of The Witcher is her heritage. She is a descendant of Lara Dorren, an extremely powerful Elven sorceress. She possesses what is called the Lara gene, a gene only seen in the females of the bloodline. It is due to her powers that the Deathless Mother seeks Ciri so relentlessly.

Through still extremely abstract, we will see a lot more of Ciri, her heritage and bloodline, and what her powers will bring unto the Continent in further seasons of The Witcher on Netflix.

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