What Happened With the To-Be Will Smith Directorial Debut ‘The Redemption of Cane’?

What Happened With the To-Be Will Smith Directorial Debut ‘The Redemption of Cane’?

Will Smith is no doubt one of the best actors in Hollywood in the last three decades. Furthermore, he smoothly transitioned from being a Grammy-winning music artist to an Oscar-winning actor. However, rapping and acting are not the only two skills that he hones. From his witty jokes in Men In Black to the emotional tear-filled eyes in The Pursuit of Happyness, Smith is a pro on camera. But not only can he put on a show whenever he is on camera, but he can also put on a show for the camera.

We are referring to his eye for producing phenomenal projects such as The Karate Kid, the blockbuster hit Bad Boys for Life, and the Oscar-winning flick King Richard. While his excellent production is no secret back in 2013, there were reports of Will Smith turning director for a Sony Pictures Entertainment movie.

Was Will Smith going to direct a biblical film?

In 2013, waves of Will Smith making his directorial debut were growing louder than ever, and it was no ordinary project. Smith was reportedly set to direct the famous tale of Cain and Abel from the Book of Genesis. Caleeb Pinkett, Smith’s brother-in-law and also the producer of Cobra Kai along with Dan Knauf, who is popular for his work in Carnivale, were in charge of the screenplay of the anticipated movie.

Moreover, the hype grew even more when The Wrap reported that The Redemption of Cain had been approved by Sony. However, even back then, Smith’s contribution as a director was never clear.

The project was set to give the age-old tale of Cain killing his brother due to jealousy and being cursed a vampire twist. Another interesting piece of news that came out was that The Redemption of Cane will be shot in London, Jordan, and Morocco. With Will Smith, beautiful scenery, and a genius team for the script, the project was all set to be brilliant.

Similar to how many films based on Biblical tales were either a flop such as Exodus: Gods and Kings or caused outrage such as Kevin Smith’s Dogma, Will Smith’s The Redemption of Cain was also a letdown. After a poster update on IMDb pro which may or may not have been fan-made, nothing ever came out of to be Will Smith’s directorial debut.

Fast forward to 2022 after being banned from the Oscars, Smith is trying a lot of new things such as writing a book. And a Will Smith directorial debut may be on our calendars.

What do you think about a film directed by Will Smith? Will you watch it?

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