“The line that really hit me was that”- When Will Smith’s Friend and Author Jay Shetty Picked His Favorite Line From the Memoir

“The line that really hit me was that”- When Will Smith’s Friend and Author Jay Shetty Picked His Favorite Line From the Memoir

Will Smith started his journey to stardom in Philadelphia. As a rapper, not only did he gain recognition for his rapping skills. But also for the no profanity policy that he implies in his songs. Then he stepped into the acting industry playing a parody version of himself in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom. The onslaught of one blockbuster after another smoothly transitioned Smith from his Fresh Prince to the King of Hollywood. It is a core memory for many to be greeted with a masterpiece starring Will Smith on the 4th of July.

At a time when black artists had to struggle to have a place in the spotlight, Will Smith stole the spotlight and glowed in it. So, when Will Smith came out with his memoir, everyone even Oprah Winfrey wanted their hands on it. Despite the efforts that he put in, the actor’s life is a public spectacle. Will Smith’s memoir includes his learnings, personal transformation, and determination. Released with the star crossing half a century and described by Oprah as the best memoir, the book is brilliant. Smith’s friends too will like to agree on that one.

What does author and friend Jay Shetty think of the Will Smith memoir?

Before the actor released the memoir to the public, he hosted a close friends gathering and read it to them. Given how impactful the book is, tears were shed and lessons were learned. Smith’s long-time friend and a best-selling author on his own, Jay Shetty had an eye-opening moment.

An advocate of mental health, Jay Shetty resonated with some of the lines in the book. ”The line that really hit me was that just because something feels bad, doesn’t automatically mean that it is bad” said Shetty. The friends discussed how this is a very big realization.

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He applauded Smith for having such great life lessons and letting the world know about them. Akin to his memoir, Will Smith’s appearance on the My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Netflix is also very insightful.

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