What Dilemma Awaits the Viscount in Bridgerton Season 2? New Clip Suggests More Mysteries

What Dilemma Awaits the Viscount in Bridgerton Season 2? New Clip Suggests More Mysteries

Every single day now feels like an eternity. Why? Because we are less than a week away from Bridgerton season 2, and even then, the time would not just pace up a little. Why is it so hard for the time to move a little quicker and get to March 25, 2022, as soon as possible? To add to that, Netflix itself is in a mood to tease all of us, with yet another intriguing clip that hints at the possible storyline for the second season of the esteemed Netflix series. So, what exactly is this new clip about? Let’s find out.

Ever since the announcement of the release date for the second season, Bridgerton has been hinting at the possible love triangle between the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, and the Sharma sisters. Hence, it just makes sense that they will yet again tease us with another hint at that. That is what they did by releasing a short clip that smartly plays around the idea of the clash of ideas and bonds between the three.

What does one do when love and war are the same? Bridgerton Season 2 might explore the trope

It is no secret that the world believes that everything is fair in love and war, and more often than not, humanity proves its loyalty to this notion in one or another. However, it is usually only one thing we have to deal with at one time, and seldom do we come across a situation where love and war are coexistent. But, for the Viscount, things are not always like all of us. He finds himself in the middle of love and war, courtesy of the Sharma sisters.

The clip hints that Edwina Sharma and Kate Sharma both will develop some feelings for Anthony Bridgerton, which will result in a clash of emotions. It is worth noting that this love triangle never even existed in the book on which the show is based. Hence, it will be very exciting to see how it all turned out for the three characters who are a part of it.

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What are your predictions for Anthony, Kate, and Edwina? Let us know in the comments below.

Bridgerton Season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix on March 25, 2022.


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