“We all do what we do” – Marlon Wayans Speaks About Will Smith Oscar Incident Being the Center of His New HBO Max Comedy Special

“We all do what we do” – Marlon Wayans Speaks About Will Smith Oscar Incident Being the Center of His New HBO Max Comedy Special

Some incidents become so memorable that we can not forget them even if we want to. The Will Smith slap incident from the 2022 Oscars is one of those episodes. Despite the actor apologizing to Chris Rock and everyone, people still can’t stop talking about it. Recently, comedian, Marlon Wayans opened up about his new comedy special being around the incident. He revealed he is not afraid of Chris Rock and the Emancipation actor watching the video.

The comedian’s new HBO Max comedy special’s center talk is the slapping incident. Before the release of the special, Wayans talked to The Hollywood Reporter and said after the slapping incident, he spoke to both, Smith and Rock as well. As he started working on his piece, he wanted to get insights from both sides.

While talking about his comedy special, the comedian said the actors never asked him about his opinions of their art. He also said, “I think as artists, we all do what we do.” Considering the sensitivity of the subject, Wayans revealed he did not want their opinions. Hoping to acknowledge the fact that he loved both artists, he said he was being objective in his comedy special.

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As The Waynes Bros. star also added his approach to his special, he revealed he was being honest and real. He talked more about the purpose of the subject.

Marlon Wayans revealed the purpose behind choosing the Will Smith slapping incident

The actor-comedian revealed he did not want to cause destruction rather he was hoping to heal. In another interview, he expressed his love for the Men in Black actor along with his wife, the Red Table Talk host as well. He said he came as a friend while bringing up the funny side of the incident. Although Wayans also advised the Emancipation star to take help via therapy.

The comedian hoped one day, Chris Rock and the Bad Boys actor would leave the incident behind and would laugh at it. By bringing in the incident as the subject, he wanted to focus on the significance of mental health as well. He said when one was an idol in the eyes of the people; one did not have the license to fail. However, people saw a big failure referring to the infamous incident.

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While the 54-year-old had the best day of his life, he had the worst moment of it as well. Because Wayans tried to see things from both sides, he believed the joke and the response mirrored each other somehow. While trying to bring the objectivity of the subject, the comedy special titled God Loves Me is streaming on HBO Max.

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