“It was my fault” – HBO Special Takes Ownership of Will Smith Slapgate

“It was my fault” – HBO Special Takes Ownership of Will Smith Slapgate

If you thought that jokes about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars will not find their way into 2023, then you are wrong. Even before a host could joke about it in the ceremony, which is not likely to happen, Marlon Wayans used it as his joke of choice to promote his upcoming comedy special with HBO.

The comedian and talented actor gave his two cents on why the Oscar Slapgate happened. Wayans has proven with his previous comedic specials that he knows how to make a laugh out of the most absurd experiences. However, fans are over the Slapgate ordeal for the most part. Will Marlon Wayans succeed in making the Will Smith Slapgate joke funny again?

‘Will Smith is not responsible’ – Marlon Wayans on the Oscar Slapgate

When Eddie Murphy got up on stage and took a jibe at Will Smith at the Golden Globes, fans could not help but laugh out loud. However, the laughs were largely dependent on the fact that a renowned actor like Murphy was making the joke. However, fans are done and dried off comedians making jokes about it. That was until Marlon Wayans released the trailer of his upcoming stand-up comedy special. While the comic does mention the slapgate, it does not form the crux of his special.

In fact, he only mentioned the Slapgate to talk about himself. “It had nothing to do with Will, nothing to do with Jada, nothing do with Chris. It’s my fault,” Wayans claimed before naming himself God’s favorite and justifying the title with a God loves me. Furthermore, the comic explored how all the big three involved in the ordeal, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, and Chris Rock, have played a huge part in his life.

How is Wayans related to Chris Rock?

The comic through his brilliant storytelling took the fans all the way back to his teenage days, where he talked about having a crush on Jada Pinkett Smith. He further touched upon a farcical tale about how he got rejected by her. The highlight, however, was when Wayans remembered his early stand-up comedy days. “Chris has always been like a mean stepbrother to me,” and got his ultimate revenge by yelling, “Where’s the joke at?”

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You can watch the standup comedy special when it releases on the 2nd of March. Did you think his Slapgate joke was a hit or a miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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