Watch What the Weekend Away Star Leighton Meester Has to Say About Her Life, Love, Friendship, and Forgiveness

Watch What the Weekend Away Star Leighton Meester Has to Say About Her Life, Love, Friendship, and Forgiveness

Leighton Meester is finally back on our screens after what feels like forever. The star recently made a return with a Netflix thriller, The Weekend Away, which is based on Sarah Alderson’s novel of the same name. She plays Beth, a new mother who leaves her baby to accompany her best friend on a trip to Croatia after her divorce. There she gets embroiled in a murder plot that involves her best friend, Kate.

In a recent video, the Gossip Girl alum shared some tips about life and growing up.

She values sorries 

The ones who did wrong to the actress must be very sorry because she admits she struggles to forgive and forget. 

I’m like, ‘No like you said that at 1:31 p.m.” As a mother of 2,  it’s important for her to apologize to their kids for wronging them. 

And like, I made a mistake and I guess, recognizing it.” 

She admits that she was never good with first impressions, always falling for the pathological liars. Now that she’s older she realizes that everybody deserves a safe and healthy partner or a friend. 

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Love is both frustrating and unconditional for her

The actress loves her kids unconditionally. But at times she does feel it’s frustrating. “Biologically I’m sort of like, I have to love this person. And I have no choice.” But she also adds that she doesn’t regret that. Admitting the truth that motherhood, marriage, and job can’t be “100% fulfilling“; she says, “You need all the support you can get.” 

Leighton Meester enjoys surfing 

The starlet loves surfing and she further explains that it helps her build self-confidence and positivity. It’s not a skill that is related to her career, so she doesn’t feel the pressure to deliver. She advises her fans to follow her mantra: volunteer and be passionate about something to grow confident.

At 20, she moved to New York to embody Blair Waldorf, and while she did that she missed out on college, she made up for it being reading plenty of books. “I think I just didn’t want to be real dumb.” She had some really good words of wisdom, but hilariously, The Weekend Away actress doesn’t want others to quote her! 

Catch The Weekend Away, currently streaming on Netflix.

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