Love Is Blind Star Cast Crashed in Superfans’ Wedding to Give Them a Gift of a Lifetime

Love Is Blind Star Cast Crashed in Superfans’ Wedding to Give Them a Gift of a Lifetime

One of the biggest surprises for a fan would be when their favorite celebrities attend their wedding. Maroon 5 has done this in the past in their Sugar music video, and now the Love is Blind cast has also joined in on the fun. Vanessa and Nick Lachey explained, “We have found an amazing couple. They are huge Love is Blind fans.” The cast was seen attending the couple’s wedding. 

In attendance were Jarrette, Deepti, Iyanna, Shayne, Natalie, and Sal. Moreover, power couple Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed from Love is Blind season 1 officiated the wedding. Lauren and Cameron were the perfect choices for their roles. They showed the world what true love looks like. 

Deepti and Iyanna were also seen shedding some tears when the couple was exchanging their vows. It was heartwarming to watch the cast celebrate their love with them on their most important day! 

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Lauren and Cameron from Love is Blind season 1 are still going strong after three years

Lauren and Cameron took their fans on a ride with their heartstopping romance in season 1. The couple is still married and is entering their fourth year. In conversation with Elle, Lauren revealed that they got married on her birthday. They went to a winery to celebrate both her birthday and anniversary. 

The couple got candid and confessed that they are not a perfect couple. 

We love that people are so inspired by our love, but we also want people to know and realize that we’re human too. We’re figuring this out as we go. We’re not perfect.” They also struggle with fans feeling entitled to give them “unsolicited advice”. 

Catch up on all the pod drama

The pod dating show was a hit when it first aired in 2020, but no one expected it to grow even bigger. Season 2 was one of the most-streamed reality shows in the US! The series conducts a social experiment on love. It separates the couples from each other by an opaque wall. They are asked to date without even setting their eyes on each other until they decide to get engaged. The pod dating show tests their bond and asks the age-old question: is love truly blind? Both seasons of the uber-popular show are streaming on Netflix.

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