WATCH: Vecna Rub Salt on Devi’s Wounds in This Hilarious ‘Stranger Things’ X ‘Never Have I Ever’ Crossover

WATCH: Vecna Rub Salt on Devi’s Wounds in This Hilarious ‘Stranger Things’ X ‘Never Have I Ever’ Crossover

Mindy Kaling’s teen comedy that thrusts a not-so-perfect female lead into the spotlight is back for a third season. Never Have I Ever season 3 is just as cheesy as the previous seasons and continues to keep the light-hearted tone that made it so popular among viewers. This season we see Devi maturing in her sophomore year, but not without some hiccups. However, when it comes to her love life, it’s still a big mess. And it doesn’t help when Vecna is counting down the hours and the days before her crush replies to her text! 

The Never Have I Ever and Stranger Things crossover we never knew we needed 

Vecna never quite made an entry into the sunny Sherman Oaks, but with this post, we think it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea. Netflix shared an amusing clip where Devi is going through a tough time because well her crush has left her on reading. She had met Des, a hot Indian guy, at a party and had immediately developed a crush on him. Des had promised to get in touch with her after a flirty evening, but he ended up ghosting her instead.

Meanwhile, Devi finds the truth hard to accept and constantly checks whether her phone is working or not. Netflix cheekily added the clip of Vecna’s iconic speech to Devi losing her mind over a handsome guy. It’s hilarious how both the clips go so well together! This season also had a clever reference to another Netflix series, Squid Game, in a hilarious scene.

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Season 3 of Never Have I Ever saw a few characters taking some big chances, and Devi realized that self-love and living in the present are more important than obsessing over the future. Well, Vecna would surely understand the essence of time and knock some sense into her to give up on boys and join him in his agenda. But we don’t think our girl would find the wet squelching appealing! 

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