Forget Ben and Paxton, THIS Is The Most Beautiful Person Devi Shares a Relationship With In ‘Never Have I Ever’

Forget Ben and Paxton, THIS Is The Most Beautiful Person Devi Shares a Relationship With In ‘Never Have I Ever’

In Never Have I Ever, viewers might have seen Devi Vishwakumar juggling between her relationships, majorly her obsession with the lifetime crush Paxton Hall-Yoshida. Right from the beginning of the series, she focused on becoming Miss Popularity in High School while dating the hottest guy. In the process of achieving this dream world, she did make things chaotic at home.

Unfortunately, Devi and Nalini had a complicated relationship since both of them faced rocky paths after Mohan’s death. Moreover, taking care of a headstrong girl like Devi wasn’t an easy task for a single mother. However, time changed things between them, and their frequent misunderstandings turned into a beautiful connection. 

The relationship between a mother and daughter is the truest thing Devi had in Never Have I Ever

If we take ourselves back to the previous seasons, you would see two people struggling to connect when their connecting thread is gone from their lives. Nalini, being an Indian mom, has that protective nature which sometimes makes her overbearing to Devi.

Although she tries her best to provide her daughter with everything, Nalini can become sarcastic at times and knows where Devi needs to stop. This mother-daughter duo has gone through a long journey of growth, where Devi slowly gets to know his mother, and Nalini tries to become a more affectionate and patient person.

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For instance, when they sat down together to watch a video of the time when Nalini was pregnant with Devi. That was the connecting moment for Devi and Nalini as they only have each other now.

Devi and Nalini confess their love in season 3

In the recently released season 3, Nalini approves Devi for continuing her relationship with Des. This shows that she has started seeing things from broader perspectives. And she accepts that they are living in America so she has to understand her daughter to make things work. Moreover, there is a whole lot of new vibe between these two, as we saw in the new season.

They seemed cool with each other talking about their feelings. Moreover, the most emotional scene in season 3 when Devi even opens up about how everyone ends up calling her a freak. After breaking up with another guy she thinks she won’t find love. To which Nalini consoles her saying: “Oh, Devi. Listen to me. You’re never too much, and you’re always enough.” 

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She also adds that Devi will find true love someday and he will love her as she does. Therefore, we can say that Devi did have an actual love story in the show, and it was with her mother since there were fights, drama, warm hugs, and even some sobby moments when they missed Mohan. If you haven’t watched season 3 of Never Have I Ever yet, go stream it right away only on Netflix.

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