WATCH: ‘The Adam Project’ Sensation Walker Scobell Proves Why He Is the Best Ryan Reynolds Junior

WATCH: ‘The Adam Project’ Sensation Walker Scobell Proves Why He Is the Best Ryan Reynolds Junior

There is no one who knows an actor, athlete, and any celebrity more than their fans. Their mannerisms, their tones, their appearances, and the titbits of their personality: A fan cherishes them all as if it is their own. Hence, it is important to be a fan of someone before you go into a project where you have to be that someone. And that is something that Netflix’s The Adam Project didn’t really struggle with because, in their quest to find someone who can play a younger Ryan Reynolds, they actually found a younger Ryan Reynolds. Here is why.

We all know that Deadpool is indeed Ryan’s most famous and amazing work, and Walker Scobell, who plays younger Adam in The Adam Project, did something so amazing that defines what being a super-fan means. It is indeed a very impressive feat, and we will, of course, not keep you waiting and talk about it right away.

Walker Scobell memorized the entire Deadpool 2 movie before joining the cast of The Adam Project

Oh yes, you read that right. The Adam Project actor Walker Scobell memorized the entire script of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2, and that was even before he turned 11 years old. Well, that is sure some way to book yourself the role of a younger Ryan Reynolds whenever or wherever an opening comes up. The opening came when Shawn Levy had casting director Carmen Cuba go out looking for the role of a younger Adam in his time travel movie.

In a tweet shared by Netflix Geeked on Twitter, we actually see Walker reciting a part of the Deadpool 2 script, while Ryan Reynolds himself is recording it. The satisfying, and yet, surprised laughter of Ryan at the end of the video just makes it very wholesome.

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It is also worth noting that Walker Scobell has no authentic experience of acting per se. He has only been a part of one school play before he worked with some of the biggest actors from the industry, including Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Zoe Saldana. And the young guy even lost a tooth while shooting the very first scene of the movie. It was really so beautiful to see him portray every single trait of Ryan so beautifully, we hope we can see more of Walker Scobell soon!

What were your favorite moments featuring Walker Scobell in Netflix’s The Adam Project?

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