WATCH: How ‘The Adam Project’ Found Its Adam in Walker Scobell

WATCH: How ‘The Adam Project’ Found Its Adam in Walker Scobell

It is tough to find the perfect actor to play a said role, sure. You need to consider the traits of the character, and then align them with the actor, and then see whether or not they are a fit and then you decide if the actor is right for the character or not. But what if you had to add an extra step, and cast a child who has to be the 3 things at a time? He has to be the actor himself; he has to be the actor who plays the character, and then, of course, he has to be the character. That is exactly what The Adam Project had to deal with when the team went out looking for a kid to play a younger Adam and Ryan Reynolds.

If you watched the movie already, you know that the adorable actor with the mean mouth is actually just a younger version of Ryan. He talks, curses, screams, and even does “superhero landing” like Ryan. But how did the team actually find him? Well, Netflix recently released a little surprise for all the fans of The Adam Project. We were treated with the audition clip of Walker Scobell, where we see the young guy taking up the mantle of Ryan Reybold’s younger self. And it is truly a beautiful thing to see. So, with no further ado, let’s get to it!

Walker Scobell in The Adam Project audition

Well, the thing with Ryan Reynolds is that he is emotional, funny, and a tad bit scary all at the same time. So, when you are looking for someone who plays his younger version, it is difficult to find all that in one guy. Unless you happen to land onto this one guy who is a huge fan of Ryan and has memorized the entire Deadpool 2 movie by the time he was 11 years old.

In the audition clip for The Adam Project, we see Walker reading his lines with casting director Carmen Cuba as well as Ryan Reynolds himself. And even then, we see no form of hesitation or nervousness on this kid’s face. That confidence he has is the very trait we know Ryan for. And he also effectively shows the range of emotions he has as an actor. He can be funny, he can be sad, and he can be mean as hell to Ryan Reynolds himself. What more can you ask from him?

It was indeed a great experience to watch Walker Scobell in The Adam Project, and we really hope to see him in more titles soon.

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The Adam Project is now streaming on Netflix.

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