WATCH: Netflix Shared a “How It Started and How It’s Going” Video of ‘Lucifer’ Celebrating 6 Years of the Show

WATCH: Netflix Shared a “How It Started and How It’s Going” Video of ‘Lucifer’ Celebrating 6 Years of the Show

It has been 6 years since we first saw Lucifer, a man living the example of the “bachelor” life. Through the course of the series he grows, changes and gradually morphs into a man who is just a happier version of his carefree self. To reminisce upon this, Netflix shared a video of the same on its official Twitter account. Take a look at it here:

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald begins with Nick talking about the weather, the beautiful green trees that surround him as he moves to Long Island. As this Great American Novel ends, he again mentions the trees as he leaves the place for good, reminiscing and showing the viewers where he began.

In the very same fashion, this video shows the beginning and end of Lucifer. But those who are familiar with the book or the movie will know very well the things he went through that changed him. Can we say the same about the protagonist of this Netflix Original?

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How did Lucifer change?

The first time we met the protagonist of this Netflix Original, he was driving, assumingly, well over the speed limit. A metaphor the creators slipped in this scene is the night sky, with Lucifer smirking as he thinks of things to disrupt because he was, well, bored.

Through the course of the Netflix series, this Tom Ellis character undergoes massive changes. When the series began, the only thing that seemed to have an impact on Lucifer was his car and partying.

During the six seasons, we watch him grow empathy, forgiveness, selflessness, and a little control over himself. He comes to terms with his past by forgiving his mother and looks towards a better future as he acknowledges the fact that people deserve second chances. As weird as it sounds, we watch Lucifer Morningstar become a better person through the course of the series.

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By the end, he is driving a car with his beloved partner Chloe Decker. An aspect we find commendable is the way the creators made sure Lucifer was driving his treasured Corvette with Chloe riding shotgun. This shows how he found the middle ground between becoming a better person and staying true to himself, making for the perfect ending.

What did you think of Lucifer’s ending?

All seasons of Lucifer is currently streaming on Netflix.

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