Tom Ellis Talks About the Journey of Characters in Lucifer as Its Final Season Streams on Netflix

Tom Ellis Talks About the Journey of Characters in Lucifer as Its Final Season Streams on Netflix

After all the desires, Lucifer finally found his calling in the sixth season during the last 10 episodes of the series. Lucifer discovers his passion in therapy and becomes a therapist in hell.

“Tell me, what it is you truly desire?”

At the end of the final season, we get to know that our Morningstar truly desires to be a therapist, not God. Lucifer’s Season 6 premiered on September 10, 2021. As the show finally ended, Tom Ellis (Lucifer) gives us his thoughts on the characters’ development journeys in Lucifer while speaking with Netflix.

Evolution of Lucifer

Lucifer solved crime cases with his detective partner, Chloe, for six years on Earth. He eventually realized he does not want to become God and that his father was right, “Hell no longer needs to be ruled”. He makes his ‘calling’ the one, not his desire to be a God. The evolution and the growing up of Lucifer’s soul stunned fans. He journeyed from the ruler of Hell to wannabe the God in Heaven and finally becoming the therapist of Hell, who wants to free the demons from their sins and help the lost souls. God left Heaven and his children with the only information that, “you will figure it out”. As usual, Lucifer receives it as “all part of his plan”.

Other Characters’ Journey

Other characters, apart from Lucifer, also developed in different ways. Their growing up helped Morningstar to become what he is today. The most selfish character strengthened into a ‘selfless character’. His daughter from future Rory questions Lucifer’s parental skills, which also lingers on Lucifer’s daddy issues. Tom Ellis said, “Lucifer being a parent and experiencing his child experiencing some of the things that Lucifer went through, about feeling rejected and abandoned. I feel like we got a proper chance to explore that.”

Amanadiel, Lucifer’s older brother, becomes God, which is ultimately made more sense because he knows how to be a ‘God’. Tom claimed, “Oh, for so many reasons. I liked that Lucifer pulled out. It was just a no-brainer that Amenadiel would be God. He’s walked with demons. He spent a lot of time in heaven. And he knows what it is to be a father. All of those things combined [made him the right choice].”

Eve and Mazikeen get married and live happily on Earth. Lucifer’s partner Chloe gets back to her detective job and Lucifer back to Hell. Their romance paused for a little while. After Chloe died, they become ‘partners for life.’ The love between an immortal and mortal makes them partners for eternity.

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Dan, at last free from his sins, went to Heaven. Ella Lopez finally found someone to trust. Linda continues her therapy. She is one of the main characters who helped Lucifer to strengthen from the Devil. As Linda says, “Pain is inevitable. The suffering, that’s optional.”

Lucifer always felt that he has an unfinished business in Hell. He just can not ignore Hell. But he always did. His unfinished business attracts him to Hell and wanting to help the lost souls.

The desire of a Devil reflects the inner desires of a human being. Those desires made us stick to this show for such a long time. Moreover, fans were a reason the show got renewed multiple times. At last, this long journey has ended.

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