Watch Netflix Get Roasted in Its New Show ‘Blockbuster’

Watch Netflix Get Roasted in Its New Show ‘Blockbuster’

Netflix has always been a streaming giant different from the others. It is known for launching out-of-the-box and refreshing ideas. But this time the platform has made a bold move by launching a show that roasts the OTT itself. And not just any show, but a Blockbuster one. You have guessed correctly. On November 3, Netflix’s very new and original sitcom Blockbuster was released. And since its release, it has been in the news, but the most interesting fact is the show mocking its platform. But how?

Based on a partially true story, this sitcom has entered like a fresh breeze in the times when the definition of comedy is changed. And not just comedy, but television and cinema. In the past few years, online streaming platforms have completely taken over cable and video stores. Do you remember the last time you went to a video store to buy a DVD?

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Why has Blockbuster mocked Netflix?

In the times of the internet, people like to sit and watch things from the comfort of their homes. Nobody wants to go to a video store and rent a film just to watch it for a limited time: That is a waste of time and money. Why do that when you can watch a movie anytime, anywhere on your mobile from a way cheaper source? Imagine getting the responsibility of managing the last ‘Blockbuster video store,’ on the earth and making the business successful.

One of the show’s characters comments on how Blockbuster, which is uniting against big corporations like Netflix, was once, itself a part of a huge corporation. According to Comicbook, Blockbuster was previously owned by Viacom.

And this is how the show roasts Netflix. Huge streaming giants with new shows releasing every day are the major reason behind the downfall of businesses like Blockbuster. Hence, the show got the opportunity to mock Netflix.

Blockbuster comes from the writers of two superhit sitcoms on Netflix, Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Surprisingly, one of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s leads, Melissa Fumero, is the lead of the show along with Timmy Yoon as Randall Park, who is the manager of the store.

Featuring the hilarious comedy, where the employees of the store talk the language of films, while expressing the pain behind their downfall, is a bold move by Netflix. Watch Blockbuster and tell us in the comments if you still prefer buying video tapes over OTTs.

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