Watch: How 12-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Faked American Accent With 246 Words

Watch: How 12-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Faked American Accent With 246 Words
Millie Bobby Brown had a marvelous last year. The 18-year-old actress received a huge amount of credit for giving Netflix two of its biggest hits, Stranger Things and Enola Holmes 2. Along with that, her brand, Florence by Mills, reached new heights. No matter how big of a star this talented actress becomes in the future, she will always be remembered for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things.


After the fourth season, the world has become very familiar with this British native. However, post the release of the first season, most of the fans were unaware of the fact that she is a Brit and not an American. She was once questioned about her American accent after the tremendous success of the show’s first season, and here is what she said.

Millie Bobby Brown reacts hilariously when questioned about her accent

The 18-year-old got the show in the first place because of her amazing acting skills, which is also the reason why the creators overlooked her British accent. After the release of the first season of the show, Brown attended a press conference where she cleared up lots of doubts people had about her. One of them is her faking the American accent in the show.

It is true that the actress did not have many dialogues in the first season of the show. In fact, she spoke a total of only 246 words in Stranger Things season 1. So when she was questioned about whether she faked her American accent, the Godzilla vs. Kong actress first said “no” and then immediately flipped and then sarcastically said, “Of course I did.” And she gave a final touch to her answer by quoting herself from the show and saying, in a typical American accent, “Friends don’t lie.”

However, the latter seasons of the show gave her quite a chance to flaunt her American accent. According to iHeart, after the fourth season of Netflix series, the actress revealed that she got her American accent by watching Disney’s hit show Hannah Montana. The actress loved the show so much that she thought it should get an Oscar.

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