FIRST LOOK: Millie Bobby Brown Doesn’t Seem Distressed in Netflix’s Damsel

FIRST LOOK: Millie Bobby Brown Doesn’t Seem Distressed in Netflix’s Damsel

Millie Bobby Brown is a name that stands among the best in Hollywood despite the actress being relatively new. The actress who is only eighteen years old is almost miraculous when it comes to her acting talent. Be it in the skeptical town of Hawkins, the reserved streets of Europe in 1885, or the luscious green forests alongside Dwayne Johnson, Brown fits in like the last piece of a puzzle.

Brown has won numerous accolades for her mind-blowing performance as Eleven in Stranger Things. While fans are well acquainted with her as the face of Netflix’s flagship science fiction series, after the successful venture of Enola Holmes, fans were excited to see her lead a film. Therefore, when Netflix announced its upcoming projects, which consisted of a period film starring Millie Bobby Brown and Ray Winstone, fans went berserk.

Millie Bobby Brown is no damsel in the upcoming movie Damsel

Brown is taking the ‘distress’ out of ‘damsel in distress’ in her upcoming Netflix movie, Damsel. The flick which is set to release in the second half of 2023 is already trending, thanks to the fierce first look of the Intruders actress. The 18-year-old has ditched her gowns and curls from Enola Holmes but has evidently kept her fighting skills if the sword is anything to go by.

According to the streamer, the flick will follow the Enola Holmes star as she heads to marry a handsome prince, only for her to realize that she is the black sheep they want to sacrifice.

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This enigmatic summary also entails something about the Stranger Things actress being locked in a cave with a fire-breathing dragon with only her instincts to survive and fans are hooked and in for a treasure hunt.

Brown plays a dual role in Damsel

Given the fact that she spouts wisdom and displays creative maturity in almost every interview, the audience knew in their hearts that she would be brilliant even behind the camera. The actress started PCMA productions when she was just sixteen years old. And now the Stranger Things actress is turning executive producer for Damsel.

“As a producer, I am very interested in creating meaningful stories. I love big messages to reach wide audiences. I love telling real stories,” the actress said in a 2022 interview with A.Frame, making fans even more excited about this project.

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