Eleven vs Matilda? Fans Pick the Oddest Side As Netflix Battles Telekinetic Kids

Eleven vs Matilda? Fans Pick the Oddest Side As Netflix Battles Telekinetic Kids

We think Netflix has a thing for telekinetic kids. First, there is Eleven and now we have Matilda from Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical. Although Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven is the first telekinetic kid that Netflix produced, Matilda can surely give some tough competition to her. It would be entertaining to see who wins in a showdown between the two. Netflix seems to think so too as it pitted the two characters in its latest Twitter and asked the fans to pick sides.

But what the streamer did not anticipate was the wrath of the fans.

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Not Matilda or Eleven, fans chose THIS instead 

In a competition between fan favorites Eleven and Matilda, the winner chosen by fans seems to be Warrior Nun. The show dropped its second season in November to some great positive reviews. And by that, we mean a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 99% audience rating. Yet, Netflix decided that a third season would not see the light of day. The creator Simon Barry announced the cancellation of the show almost abruptly after its premiere. And now the fans are bombarding the streamer with #SaveWarriorNun posts after initially denouncing Netflix’s decision

Warrior Nun first premiered in July 2020 to some mixed reviews. However, the second season from creator Simon was very highly received. Despite the lack of promotions, the action-adventure show garnered 66 million views and peaked at number 5 on Netflix’s top 10 charts. Now the show has joined the ranks of the several shows that the streamer has canceled before it could live up to its full potential. 

Outraged fans have even begun speculating that Netflix set it up to fail. Firstly, season 2 was suddenly released in November amidst highly anticipated titles like Wednesday, The Crown, 1899, and Dead to Me. Secondly, Netflix’s lack of marketing for the show speaks volumes about it. Not only that, but it is highly concerning to fans who have started noticing the trend on Netflix. The streaming platform has often axed shows that feature a lesbian romance, most recently, First Kill

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Since the streamer had it tough last year with all the dwindling profits and subscribers, it seems the platform is only willing to invest in shows that break records. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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