Devastated ‘First Kill’ Fans Take To Twitter as Netflix Canceled the Teen Vampire Show, ‘Heartstopper’ Also Got Involved

Devastated ‘First Kill’ Fans Take To Twitter as Netflix Canceled the Teen Vampire Show, ‘Heartstopper’ Also Got Involved

Fans of the drama, First kill, are flying off the handle after Netflix cancelled the show. Right after its first season the teen queer drama was banned in multiple countries and was finally put down by the streaming platform. Owing to the abrupt full stop of this unique show, fans on Twitter are furious.

Fans vexed at Netflix for cancelling First Kill, storm Twitter

Reportedly, Netflix has cancelled the new show First Kill just after its first season. Emma Roberts was the executive producer of the teen vampire drama series. The show starred Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis and made its way to the Top 10 mostly viewed shows for English language TV series. With the show having a unique angle for the first time in a while, fans were into the show. Hence, understandably, fans were up in the arms when Netflix got rid of their new favorite.

The angry fans flood Twitter with tweets comparing First Kill with Heartstopper.

I’m killing myself,” a disheartened fan wrote.

Netflix hates lesbians and it shows,” wrote another fan.

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Having a total viewership duration of 30.3 M hours in just three days, the show ranked seventh after Stranger Things at position 3. Given the first two weeks’ record, the show peaked at number 3 before falling off the Top 10. By the time it was 28 days old, the show had swiftly crossed the mark of 100M hours by the viewers.

What was the show about?

Rated TV mature for violence and sexual content, the occasional cursing, the series was based on a vampire lovestory. Teenage demographic is the kind of setting that runs in the background of the show. Set in highschool, the show has two girls trying to find their place. One is a teenage vampire who sets her eyes on a new girl for her first kill. The other is a vampire hunter from the family of celebrated slayers.

Both of them go through a rollercoaster of a sexual tension. Initially thirsty for one another’s blood, the two leads fall in love with each other at the end of the first series. Even though it had a good line of tropes, the show really didn’t progress so well.

What do you think of this cancellation? Are you with Netflix on this one? Or was this an unjust cancellation? Comment down below.

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