War of Words Break Out Between F1 Fans as ‘Drive to Survive’ Got Renewed for Season 5 and 6

War of Words Break Out Between F1 Fans as ‘Drive to Survive’ Got Renewed for Season 5 and 6

Amidst all the chaos that has been going on in and around Netflix, a lot of shows have met the bin owing to all the financial issues at the company. However, there is one show that has secured two more seasons for itself. Netflix’s docuseries Formula 1: Drive To Survive will return for seasons 5 and 6 for the next two seasons of the motor sport. But not all the fans are that excited about it.

The announcement of the renewal had given birth to a lot of mixed reactions among the fans of the series. While many fans are glad to have more season, there are many who kind of dislike the dramatization of reality of the sport. Here are some reactions that followed the announcement of Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 5 and 6.

Fans are equivocal after Formula 1: Drive to Survive gets two more seasons

Well, it definitely not an overstatement when we say that it was, in fact, this very docuseries that brought in such a large viewership for the sport. After watching the Netflix Original, many people actually started watching Formula 1 with more interest and dedication. However, it looks like not many of the original fans are thrilled with this show. One of the fans just wrote “it’s a no for me” to explain his sheer disagreement for the show.

Some been called out how the series has gotten worse over the course of the first four seasons, and hoped that it will somehow get a little better now. AMidst all this, fans were also seen bantering with each other over their opinions about the sport and the series.

Redbull’s Formula 1 Esports driver, Marcel Kiefer, also asked for a season similar to Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 1. “Make it like Season 1 or we riot,” Keifer tweeted. Meanwhile, one of the fans went a little overboard to troll the series. He plainly wrote, “We won’t be watching,” right under the announcement tweet from Formula 1.

Tell us, what are your thoughts about Formula 1: Drive to Survive getting 2 more seasons?

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