How Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ Changed the Tide for Formula 1 Racing in the United States

How Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ Changed the Tide for Formula 1 Racing in the United States

To become a fan of the sport, you must first try to learn and explore it. It is the same process for every single human being. We get interested in some sport when we are young, learn about it, explore it, and thus, we turn into this ever-worshiping fan of the game. Sadly, that was not the case for the majority of Americans when it comes to the enticing sport of Formula 1 racing. However, things changed when Netflix introduced the world to the sport much more closely with Drive to Survive. And now, the people of the United States cannot have enough of the races.

Netflix Tudum recently held a survey involving a couple of Formula 1 fans from the country and asked questions about how their experience of the sport has changed ever since the introduction of Drive to Survive. And the answer they received are quite interesting. For the uninitiated, Drive to Survive is a Netflix documentary series that captures events of the entire season of the sport. The first season was released back in 2019, and this month recently saw the release of the dramatic 2021 season’s Drive to Survive, in season 4.

Drive to Survive and how it attracted the American audience?

It is really interesting to note that Netflix’s docuseries provided something for every type of fan of the sport. The ones who already loved and adored the game now had something to cherish and watch. Meanwhile, the casual followers of the game got to have a deeper look into it; it also served as a significant starting point for anyone who wanted to watch Formula 1 racing. “I was so excited about the show because I wanted a deeper look at the sport. Before the show, being an American fan was an extremely lonely, lonely experience,” Ben C, a Chicago-based fan, said.

All these fans also had very different preconceptions before going into the series. While some of them already knew about the sport and went in for details, some watched it for their love of auto-engineering. At the same time, there were some who just knew nothing about it. “I thought it was stiff and stale and boring. All racing was really boring to me,” Greg M. from Iowa said.

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The Netflix original docuseries has really built an extravagant fanbase for the sport in the USA, so much so that fans now wake up in the middle of the night to watch these races. We wonder if such docuseries will affect the same for any other sport. What are your thoughts?

Drive to Survive Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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