Vines Are Back, And ‘Peaky Blinders’ Fans Are Having The Best Of Time With Them

Vines Are Back, And ‘Peaky Blinders’ Fans Are Having The Best Of Time With Them

Starting in the 1920s Peaky Blinders is an entrancing gangster drama that ravels in the harsh world of robbery, violence, racketeering, and gambling. The storyline is filled with a shadowed and somber environment where not a single face has an original smile as their cruel experiences in life have compelled them to wear hard skin, which is important to survive in a dangerous world.

But as we know, fans have their unique ways of finding humor in the grimmest conditions, just like they created a little version of the greatest gangster in Birmingham, Tommy Shelby himself. Now fans have found a way to entertain themselves by creating vines of the show. And it’s a hilarious mimic of characters that will leave you cackled. 

Fans have added the only lost element in Peaky Blinders that’s called Laughter

A fan recently shared a video on Twitter that he created by collecting different clips and naming characters of Peaky Blinders in it. The post read: “bringing my most underrated edit peaky blinders characters as iconic ✨vines✨.” 

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In the video, the fan made fun of all the serious-faced characters of the show who always remain ready for bloodshed and action. Because killing is just another normal part of their routine, being a gangster family full of drama and chaos. In the clip we see a model changing her dress on a ramp named Ada. This was done because Ada later became a part of the gang, leaving her innocent image. Also, we see the character of Tommy dancing shirtless in his room. If you too wanna laugh out loud, take a look at the video below. 

The crime series will come back on the big screen with a boom

Peaky Blinders concluded its long-running series with season 6 this summer. Seeing the praise and love the show received from the audience, the creators have planned to take it on a bigger screen and make a movie about the Shelby family. The rumors have been swirling since the pandemic, but Steve Knight confirmed that they are in development.

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Moreover, the movie is an alternative for season 7 as they thought the movie was a great idea. We haven’t got any inside information about the production. But Cillian Murphy has definitely expressed his interest in coming back for his character. What do you think the movie would be better than the series? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

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