Here’s Little Tommy Shelby You Cannot Unsee, Cillian Murphy Deserves A laugh On This Fan’s Edit

Here’s Little Tommy Shelby You Cannot Unsee, Cillian Murphy Deserves A laugh On This Fan’s Edit

Isn’t it astounding? The fans always find a new way to show their interest or excitement towards their favorite shows. And this is not just about their reactions but the creativity they put into things. We all know how madly viewers are in love with this Steven King crime drama. Peaky Blinders has been one of the most ferocious things we fans got to see for six seasons on television. When you might have come across countless fan edits and theories, none of them have come close to this hilarious fan edit we found on Reddit because this would leave even Cillian Murphy rolling with laughter if he sees it.

This Fan art is opening gates to a newly imagined Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

Fans might have seen Tommy Shelby, aka Cillian Murphy riding his beloved horse several times. He looked like a true king mounting towards his victory on the roads of Birmingham, England. But have you ever imagined a much younger version of Murphy riding? Or how would he look like sitting on a horse? No! Well, there is one fan whose imagination went beyond time, and he painted the actor in the most amusing way one could think of.

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A recent photo shared by a Reddit user made fans burst into laughter as the fan crafted a photo from the show and added the face of Cillian Murphy to it. While his body was about a 5-year-old kid and he captioned it “Lil’ Tommy.” Certainly, this picture gave air to numerous fantasies about the character of Thomas. Like what type of kid he would have been, and did he have the same coolness as he has now. Take a look at the picture pinned below!

Have you imagined what it would be like to meet the little gangster of Birmingham? 

The moment we think about Tommy from Peaky Blinders, it’s all about his piercing eyes and his alpha personality. Because we have always seen him as an embodiment of confidence and pure savagery, his portrayal of a traumatized and mature man never lets us think that he can be a kid, innocent and carefree.

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However, it’s almost impossible to draw a man into innocence when he has been stepped in crime his whole life. He was a war veteran brought up by gypsies and now a strong-footed politician and thug. Thomas was an impactful man whose presence in a room cannot be avoided. Therefore, he would have looked adorable in a tiny suit and cap bossing around. However, we don’t know anyone who is afraid of him in a little version but charmed absolutely!

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