“Very gentle and creative with the taser”- The Hilarious Story of Ryan Reynolds Ending Up in Zayn Malik’s Bedroom in 2018

“Very gentle and creative with the taser”- The Hilarious Story of Ryan Reynolds Ending Up in Zayn Malik’s Bedroom in 2018

Ryan Reynolds showed the art of trolling while wishing Zayn Malik on the latter’s birthday once. The actor, who is known for his wicked sense of humor, is also super creative. Reynolds is currently busy handling his businesses while also preparing for Deadpool 3 alongside Hugh Jackman, but the actor always finds time to stay active on social media. And once he found enough time to combine his love for social media, witty lines, and Zayn Malik in a post.

The Free Guy lead is friends with the Pillow Talk singer despite the difference in age, which is likely due to their shared humor. Zayn Malik is a fan of action heroes and has watched Deadpool multiple times. Reynolds remains a fan of Malik and even wished him on his birthday through this hilarious video. The wish, as expected, was anything but vanilla.

What did Ryan Reynolds say in his birthday message for Zayn Malik?

Zayn Malik celebrated his 25th birthday on 12th January, 2018, and Reynolds decided to make it special. In a video uploaded by the Free Guy actor, he wore his Deadpool costume and said, “Zayn, it’s Wade. Don’t hang up“. (Wade is his character’s name in Deadpool). He also apologized for supposedly jumping out of a cake in the middle of Zayn’s bedroom and following the apology was some Deadpool-esque gratitude.

“I want to thank your security who were very, very gentle and creative with the taser,” said the actor. Although this likely never happened, his storytelling talents gave everyone an image of how it all would have turned out.

The Canadian actor also pointed out, in his video, how the singer shared his birthday with the late Canadian coffee mogul Tim Horton. The brand is famous and has shops all over the country, and since Ryan spent his initial years in the beaver land, Horton is someone close to his heart.

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Although the English artist was happy about it, supermodel Gigi Hadid was also thankful for the surprise from Reynolds. “Best f!#%n birthday surprise ever!!!” she wrote on social media while thanking Reynolds and wife, Blake Lively. The couple sure knows how to keep things light and entertaining and are often even seen trolling each other. As for Malik and Reynolds, perhaps the former could record a hit for the latter’s movie project someday.

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