Versatile Sadie Sink Gives Tough Competition to ‘Stranger Things’ Co-star Millie Bobby Brown in Hair Styling

Versatile Sadie Sink Gives Tough Competition to ‘Stranger Things’ Co-star Millie Bobby Brown in Hair Styling

Stranger Things may have the best soundtrack, awesome practical effects, great characters, and terrifying monsters, but the fans are always raving about the characters’ hairstyles. Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven’s hairstyles in the show are iconic. When Sadie Sink joined the show in season 2, fans were expecting some major hair transformations for the character. However, while Sadie Sink’s Max doesn’t seem to have such iconic hair moments in the show, she can quite literally pull off any hairstyle off the set of Stranger Things

Sadie Sink and her many different hairstyles for your next hairstyle inspiration

The redhead isn’t as experimental with her hair as her co-star Millie Bobby Brown is. Ever since Millie was 11, she trended for her shaved head. She also had some cute curls and short hairstyles in seasons 2 and 3. But she came back with yet another hairstyle in season 4. Eleven in season 4 is sporting a 70s fringe, which is reminiscent of Joyce’s hairstyle in season 1. In real life, the actress has dyed her hair blonde and we can tell that blonde is her color.  

On the other hand, Sadie Sink shows what you can achieve with minimal experimentation. Her beautiful features certainly help! She looks stunning in all the hairdos.

Sink is mostly spotted wearing her original ginger hair long. She has done updos before, like a simple bun that has opened up more of her face to help us appreciate her stunning features more. The stunner also had a rare moment when she had short hair. The actress has also offered a straightened and curled look to her fans. She looks especially chic in a high ponytail and adorably young in braids. 

Needless to say, Sink is as versatile as Max, whose fate hangs by the thread after the Vecna attack.

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Can Max make it out of Stranger Things 4 alive? 

The Duffer brothers had expressed their concern for the character before the premiere of season 4. Max had a very close call with death this season. Fortunately, thanks to friends playing her favorite song, she could break free of Vecna’s grasp to return back to the real world. 

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 will reveal what’s in store for our beloved loner on July 1. 

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